Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

paper balls, variation 2

Remember how I said this pair of balls needed a third one? Well, I added one using How About Orange‘s paper ball template.

The diameter is maybe six inches across. This was really fun and easy to make, mostly because I made my Cricut do all the work. It takes twelve pieces to make one ball. I am pretty sure that if I had to cut them out myself, I wouldn’t have cut enough pieces to form a ball.

Here’s a smaller one. This one fits on the palm of my hand.

I think it looks better with a busier pattern. What do you think?

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Christmas mini-wreath V1

Here’s the first project I made using my two brand-new scallop punches. I took full advantage of Michael’s 50% off coupons and made my mom buy one while I bought the other one since Michael’s will only let you use one coupon type per day.

I think it needs some sort of non-paper embellishment and and a white ribbon then it will be ready to hang.

I used Zots to hold the paper together, but I really should have used styro-backed adhesives since that would have given this more “3Dness”.

I have a project planned for the weekend. It will involve my Cricut so I need to set aside more than my usual fifteen minutes of crafting time.

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