Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.


These mini-suitcases are presents for a trio of sisters. I thought it would  be fun to echo the triple factor in the ribbons. I feel almost splurge-y for using three different kinds of ribbon for each item, but not really because I only paid $1 for six yards of satin ribbon and $1 for nine yards of sheer ribbon. (I drop by the dollar store periodically to check out the ribbon selection.)

The layered ribbon look makes things look pretty festive, don’t you think?  I like to tie bows on presents that don’t need to be wrapped.

Pro: easy, no tape needed

Con: you need to be a ribbon hoarder collector

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bow cheat


You probably can’t tell, but that is just a simple bow tied on top of a present. This is my default way to embellish a present. I tie up the box twice for extra oomph and then tie a bow.

I purposely only use curling ribbon so the ends curl a little bit o9n their own. (Plus curling ribbon is cheap, so I feel like I can use more of it.)

Sometimes, I add an ornament or two or a 3D sticker depending on my mood.

Pro: easy, no tape needed

Con: needs lots of ribbon

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belted flair

I layered two different types of ribbon to create this look. The best part about this is that I used ribbon scraps. I have a habit of hoarding storing extra bits of ribbon that I come across.

I taped the ends of the wider ribbon at the bottom of the box. Then I knotted the curling ribbon on top. I also trimmed the ends so I could add it back on and have four curly ends instead of just two.

The bottom layer doesn’t lay flat on the package due to the wire edges, so a less stiff ribbon will be flatter I think. I could have also glued the edges down too – but then that means the ribbon can’t be reused.

Alternatively, a non-curling ribbon could be used for the second layer and just tied into a bow.

Pro: uses ribbon scraps

Con: bottom of the package may not look so pretty

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loopy loops

Here’s a simple bow that adds a lot of flair. It’s really made up up two parts: the circular loop that goes on top, and the flattened loop that goes on the bottom.

I used double-sided tape to make the initial circular loop. I made the diameter to be less than an inch because this was a small present. An added bonus to using double-sided tape (instead of a stapler) is that  you don’t see the staples, so it looks cleaner and prettier.

For the second loop which gets squished in the middle, I used a stapler because it seemed like that would flatten than middle more than tape would. I just eyeballed the proportions. (Maybe when I am bored one day, I can work out proportions.)

I used Zots to fasten both loops to each other and then more Zots to stick it to the gift-wrapped present – mostly because I couldn’t find the double-sided tape. (Later, I found it under the table.)

Here’s a version with three loops – I just added a longer third loop to the mix.

Pro: simple, easy to make

Con: needs other tools (stapler, scissors, double-sided tape, Zots)


wrapping presents

Dear Reader,

Tomorrow, a post on adding bows to presents!



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decorating with ribbon

Other than increasing the size of my stash, I haven’t done anything with ribbon lately. Here is my paltry attempt at Christmas decor using ribbon.

I don’t even know what the thought process was on this one. I didn’t even bother to trim the folded-over end. Also, I didn’t bother to tie a proper bow.

I am all “whatevs” about this though – which is not normal. Normal me would have fixed the problem. I’d like to think that I am just saving up my creativity for wrapping presents. But really, it’s probably my self-diagnosed ADD kicking in.

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