Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

how hot is hot glue?

on January 17, 2012

Remember my sock project? I still haven’t come up with a solution for attaching the spikes to the sock. The only progress that’s been made is that I purchased a pair of knee-high socks. They aren’t red, but they were $2.

The event isn’t until four weeks away, so I don’t understand why I am panicking about this project. Last night, I thought that maybe I should hot glue the spikes while I am wearing the socks. (With some cardboard inside the sock so I don’t burn myself.)

Oh, and I decided I need googly eyes since my lower legs are now going as a pair of dragons.

I could also hand-sew the spikes onto the socks while I am wearing the socks…

So which is worse, bloodshed or burns?


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