Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

sock project brainstorming

on January 3, 2012

I am trying a new work-flow process this year where I plan things out before buying materials and cutting up stuff.

This project is for my 5K new year run to welcome the Year of the Dragon. I thought maybe spiked socks would be fun to wear during the race. (There is a costume contest, but I doubt this will win me anything.)

I am running into problems already – I can’t find red knee-high socks!  I am thinking I may have to resort to getting a pair of red tights.

The other issue is figuring out how to attach the spikes to the socks/tights. Due to the stretchy nature of socks/tights, I think I might have to attach the spikes while I am wearing the socks/tights. I don’t know how to sew well. (Or at all.) I was thinking maybe if I attach the spikes to a strip of ribbon, I can attach the ribbon along the back of my calf using safety pins on race day.

So yeah…


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