Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

how hot is hot glue?

Remember my sock project? I still haven’t come up with a solution for attaching the spikes to the sock. The only progress that’s been made is that I purchased a pair of knee-high socks. They aren’t red, but they were $2.

The event isn’t until four weeks away, so I don’t understand why I am panicking about this project. Last night, I thought that maybe I should hot glue the spikes while I am wearing the socks. (With some cardboard inside the sock so I don’t burn myself.)

Oh, and I decided I need googly eyes since my lower legs are now going as a pair of dragons.

I could also hand-sew the spikes onto the socks while I am wearing the socks…

So which is worse, bloodshed or burns?

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3D heart ball thing

If you take two heart-shaped pieces and cut a downward slit in one and an upward slit in the other,  you can put them together and have a three-dimensional heart.

More ideas

  • make a bunch and place in a pretty dish/bowl
  • make a bunch and string side by side to form a garland
  • make a bunch and string vertically
  • cut out large hearts for a more “statement-y” piece

I haven’t actually tried to make these so I don’t even know if this will work. But in my head, this is a fun project to make with young kids who are old enough to wield a pair of scissors. So maybe around five years old? (I don’t have kids and I don’t interact with them a lot so my expectations of what kids can do are pure guesses.)

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Short version: I’m injured and can’t use my hands to make pretty things.

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February project sneak peek

Here’s the project I have been working on for the past couple of days during my lunch hour. The idea is to make a bunch of these heart-shaped loops and string several of them together to make a banner for the month of hearts.

I’ve run into several issues already:

  • I don’t like the proportions
  • I accidentally made creases
  • Things are not even
  • It ‘s not pretty

I hope I find some time this weekend to work on this project.



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Things are in-progress in my crafting world!

  • Arriving in the mail today – camera battery charger!
  • Hiding in a drawer – February craft with kinks that need to be worked out

Here’s a cute picture of a dragon. (From Coloring in Pages) I’m using it to plan my dragon costume some more.

I’m leaning towards a red top and also possibly a red bottom if I can find one. (Otherwise, I will go with black.) And then attaching spikes to the back of the top. I like the idea of a tail, but I’m not sure how hard that will be.

I’ve consulted with my costume-maker and she wants me to bring all the materials with a sketch of my “vision”.

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sock project brainstorming

I am trying a new work-flow process this year where I plan things out before buying materials and cutting up stuff.

This project is for my 5K new year run to welcome the Year of the Dragon. I thought maybe spiked socks would be fun to wear during the race. (There is a costume contest, but I doubt this will win me anything.)

I am running into problems already – I can’t find red knee-high socks!  I am thinking I may have to resort to getting a pair of red tights.

The other issue is figuring out how to attach the spikes to the socks/tights. Due to the stretchy nature of socks/tights, I think I might have to attach the spikes while I am wearing the socks/tights. I don’t know how to sew well. (Or at all.) I was thinking maybe if I attach the spikes to a strip of ribbon, I can attach the ribbon along the back of my calf using safety pins on race day.

So yeah…

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