Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

loopy loops

on December 20, 2011

Here’s a simple bow that adds a lot of flair. It’s really made up up two parts: the circular loop that goes on top, and the flattened loop that goes on the bottom.

I used double-sided tape to make the initial circular loop. I made the diameter to be less than an inch because this was a small present. An added bonus to using double-sided tape (instead of a stapler) is that  you don’t see the staples, so it looks cleaner and prettier.

For the second loop which gets squished in the middle, I used a stapler because it seemed like that would flatten than middle more than tape would. I just eyeballed the proportions. (Maybe when I am bored one day, I can work out proportions.)

I used Zots to fasten both loops to each other and then more Zots to stick it to the gift-wrapped present – mostly because I couldn’t find the double-sided tape. (Later, I found it under the table.)

Here’s a version with three loops – I just added a longer third loop to the mix.

Pro: simple, easy to make

Con: needs other tools (stapler, scissors, double-sided tape, Zots)


2 responses to “loopy loops

  1. K says:

    Can you make one with 9 loops?

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