Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

self-standing trees

on December 13, 2011

Here is a quartet of self-standing Christmas trees. I came up with the idea of making trees that stood up by themselves while I was out having dinner with my boyfriend. He was very skeptical of my idea, but he semi-grudgingly agreed to help me.

He is much more adept at using PhotoShop than I am, so I asked him to draw me a Christmas tree. Like a good engineer, I listed some constraints:

  • swoopy branches
  • pointy top, not curved
  • defined tree trunk
  • bottom branches at same level as the bottom of the trunk for support
  • must be symmetrical along the mid-line

After a few weeks of waiting and with some gentle prodding and maybe some “why won’t you help meeee” whining, I got my tree!

When I cut it out, I realized I should have also addressed aspect ratio in the design phase to maximize paper space, or to lessen wasted paper when cutting. But then I realized that not all my trees have to be in the same proportions – I can make skinnier or fatter trees!

Three tree shapes make up one tree, fold in half, glue the backs together and the branches will fan out by themselves. I’ve found that it’s best to line up the tips of the branches first before aligning the trunks.

I was going to post this tree shape file here, but then I realize it isn’t in printer-friendly format. I’ll have to convert it into an outline first. Which really means I need to ask/bribe the bf to do it for me – but he may not want to help me out because we have a dispute about who designed this tree. He claims he designed it. I claim it was MY idea and he executed it.


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