Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

paper chains

on November 29, 2011

I purchased those paper balls from Target when I felt like buying something Christmas-y. They were only $1 I think. Maybe $2. I hung them on a hook in the kitchen, but since their looped string was short, it didn’t really look good.

Then I had a genius idea of making paper chains so the balls would hang lower. (Har har.) I proceeded to spend an inordinate amount of time picking out paper to use.

Full disclosure: I managed to somehow make a mistake while cutting paper into 1″ strips. I don’t know how this happened. One strip was too wide, and the other strip was too narrow.

I cut my 1″ strips into 6″ lengths. On the backside of each strip, I made a  mark 1/2″ from the edge – this would be my guide when making the loops so each loop is even.

Other than needing a third ball to balance it out, I am mostly satisfied with the results. I am thinking of hanging one off the ceiling using a tack so the paper chains will hang parallel to each other.

Paper Source is also displaying paper chains in their store – this made me feel like my idea was validated and I wasn’t an idiot for using a project made by young kids. And since I am a grown-up, I am only a little bit jealous that Paper Source made their paper chains using scallop-edged paper.


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  1. […] how I said this pair of balls needed a third one? Well, I added one using How About Orange‘s paper ball […]

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