Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.

paper chains

I purchased those paper balls from Target when I felt like buying something Christmas-y. They were only $1 I think. Maybe $2. I hung them on a hook in the kitchen, but since their looped string was short, it didn’t really look good.

Then I had a genius idea of making paper chains so the balls would hang lower. (Har har.) I proceeded to spend an inordinate amount of time picking out paper to use.

Full disclosure: I managed to somehow make a mistake while cutting paper into 1″ strips. I don’t know how this happened. One strip was too wide, and the other strip was too narrow.

I cut my 1″ strips into 6″ lengths. On the backside of each strip, I made a  mark 1/2″ from the edge – this would be my guide when making the loops so each loop is even.

Other than needing a third ball to balance it out, I am mostly satisfied with the results. I am thinking of hanging one off the ceiling using a tack so the paper chains will hang parallel to each other.

Paper Source is also displaying paper chains in their store – this made me feel like my idea was validated and I wasn’t an idiot for using a project made by young kids. And since I am a grown-up, I am only a little bit jealous that Paper Source made their paper chains using scallop-edged paper.

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Turkey Day Shopping

I wanted to take full use of the 30% off an entire purchase at Michael’s on turkey day, so I limited myself to only items that were on sale since Michael’s never lets you combine discounts. And since I was one of the doorbusters, I had a coupon for a free Cricut cartridge – if I purchased two other cartridges.

Once inside the store, I headed straight for the Martha Stewart section. I knew I wanted several paper punches. Sadly, Martha was not having a sale. Next, I headed over to the other section for paper punches. And nothing was on sale either! The Crop-A-Dile was in the same aisle and was also not on sale.

By this time, I was starting to feel pretty bummed about not being able to buy anything due to my self-imposed rule.

Then I noticed the entire paper section was on sale for 50% off. I giddily began to look through the different stacks. I managed to limit myself to only three pads of paper: modern looking prints that were less cutesy, Christmas prints and bright non-fussy patterns that were OK to use year-round. I felt pretty good about how quickly I made my selections. And I also felt  super-disciplined because I didn’t buy all of the paper that I wanted. “Look at me being decisive!” – inner self.

I spent a good half hour agonizing over which two Cricut cartridges to purchase. They were on sale for $26.99 when they are normally $59.99. I wanted the one for weddings because it came with a pattern to make four different favor boxes. I wanted the one that made pop-up cards because I like pop-up things. I wanted the one that made pretty edges because using the edge punches take a long time and I have to pay attention with each punch. I wanted the one that made lacey paper because it was different. I wanted the one that made different envelopes and envelope liners because I like cute envelopes. I wanted the one that made circular borders because I thought it would be neat to have non-white paper doilies. Inner self was having a meltdown, too many choices!

Under normal circumstances, I would have texted my sister. But I had left my phone at home.

Then I saw the other side of the Cricut display stand. These cartridges were only $19.99 and still eligible for the coupon! It was a good thing these cartridges were a little too seasonal, so I wasn’t interested in any of them. I did feel slightly guilty for not wanting the one with the American flag.

I ended up just buying only 408 sheets of paper.



I put up the first of my Christmas decorations earlier this week. I decided that this year’s theme is red and white – I am only putting out decorations that adhere to this color scheme. (But I fully expect that I will spazz out halfway through and bring EVERYTHING out.)

Here’s a list of decorations I want to make:

  • paper chains to swag over doors and entryways – like the elementary school project, but better (i don’t know how  yet)
  • cone-shaped trees – layer strips of paper to cover a paper cone made out of stiff cardboard
  • ornaments using styrofoam balls – layer paper over balls and use ribbon to hang

I like to make grand plans, but am short on time and attention span. I need to recruit more Christmas elves.


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Crafting Fail

I was super-proud of myself for putting this medallion together in less than fifteen minutes late one night when I felt like making something. The quality wasn’t very good – the center circles are wonky since my shape cutter needs a new blade, and things are not in the right proportion. But I was sad when I saw that it had degenerated into this a few days later.

I need to redo the construction and beef it up – I offered to make a few Christmas-themed ones for my sister’s front door.

I have a few ideas on how to spruce it up:

  • use a border punch before folding up the paper
  • adding a more elaborate middle part (instead of just a plain circle)
  • make a layered version – perhaps with a softer paper on top
  • embellish with monograms
  • glitter!

Monthly Calendar


Here is my November calendar from Scout Creative. It’s a toucan grandfather clock. I like how the beak on my toucan is tilted, I feel like the bird is being sassy.

I bought special 60lb paper for my monthly calendars because regular paper was just too flimsy. There were 250 sheets in the pack, so I should run out sometime in the next decade.

I can’t wait for the December one.

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Crafting Tools

Here’s a list of tools that I want:

  • Sewing Machine: I don’t know how to sew, but I want to learn. I think just a basic model will do at first, but eventually I will want one that does the edging.
  • Button-maker machine: In my head, I am justifying this $250+ purchase by selling buttons I will make on Etsy. Each button size needs its own machine so I am agonizing over which size will be the most useful. For now, the 1″ diameter is in the lead.
  • Circle punch: While the Cricut can cut out circles, having a punch means I can choose placement of the cuts. I will want these in different sizes.
  • Scallop punch: Similar to the circle punch, but with scalloped edges!
  • Crop-A-Dile: Grommets on everything.

Here’s a list of tools that I already have:

  • Cricut: I have two of these actually, but one resides with my younger sister because I am nice.
  • Paper cutter: I have two paper cutters that make straight cuts. One uses a rotary blade and can fit up to a 12″x12″ piece of paper/
  • Fiskars shape cutters: These are nice for cutting out fun shapes, but I find that sometimes the blade does funny things and you don’t get clean edges.
  • Scissors: I have a pair of super-sharp scissors with super-pointy tips that have injured me, and I have several pairs that do the shaped edges, except I don’t know where they are. I let a friend borrow them and we are both not sure if she returned them or not.
  • Self-healing mat: Mine is small, maybe around 8.5″x11″. I want to replace it eventually with a larger one.
  • Scoreboard: It took me a while to understand why this would be useful – can’t I just use a straight edge and a credit card? This is really useful for when you need to make multiples of the same thing, the measuring guides keep you on track.
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