Sometimes I use the paper and ribbon that I have hoarded.


Remember this rosette? I never got around to posting the other rosettes that I made because they were all failures. I don’t know what I am doing incorrectly! I feel like I am always using too much paper.

I was at the mall last night and noticed that several stores were using rosettes in their window displays. My favorite was the J.Crew display that used colorful pages from magazines. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. I should have though. Oh wells.

I am in the beginning stages of redoing a 10×10 bedroom. Right now, the plan is to recreate the room in Google SketchUp so I can maximize the amount of storage for all of my belongings. Or I might just draw everything on graph paper. We’ll see.


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how hot is hot glue?

Remember my sock project? I still haven’t come up with a solution for attaching the spikes to the sock. The only progress that’s been made is that I purchased a pair of knee-high socks. They aren’t red, but they were $2.

The event isn’t until four weeks away, so I don’t understand why I am panicking about this project. Last night, I thought that maybe I should hot glue the spikes while I am wearing the socks. (With some cardboard inside the sock so I don’t burn myself.)

Oh, and I decided I need googly eyes since my lower legs are now going as a pair of dragons.

I could also hand-sew the spikes onto the socks while I am wearing the socks…

So which is worse, bloodshed or burns?

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3D heart ball thing

If you take two heart-shaped pieces and cut a downward slit in one and an upward slit in the other,  you can put them together and have a three-dimensional heart.

More ideas

  • make a bunch and place in a pretty dish/bowl
  • make a bunch and string side by side to form a garland
  • make a bunch and string vertically
  • cut out large hearts for a more “statement-y” piece

I haven’t actually tried to make these so I don’t even know if this will work. But in my head, this is a fun project to make with young kids who are old enough to wield a pair of scissors. So maybe around five years old? (I don’t have kids and I don’t interact with them a lot so my expectations of what kids can do are pure guesses.)

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Short version: I’m injured and can’t use my hands to make pretty things.

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February project sneak peek

Here’s the project I have been working on for the past couple of days during my lunch hour. The idea is to make a bunch of these heart-shaped loops and string several of them together to make a banner for the month of hearts.

I’ve run into several issues already:

  • I don’t like the proportions
  • I accidentally made creases
  • Things are not even
  • It ‘s not pretty

I hope I find some time this weekend to work on this project.



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Things are in-progress in my crafting world!

  • Arriving in the mail today – camera battery charger!
  • Hiding in a drawer – February craft with kinks that need to be worked out

Here’s a cute picture of a dragon. (From Coloring in Pages) I’m using it to plan my dragon costume some more.

I’m leaning towards a red top and also possibly a red bottom if I can find one. (Otherwise, I will go with black.) And then attaching spikes to the back of the top. I like the idea of a tail, but I’m not sure how hard that will be.

I’ve consulted with my costume-maker and she wants me to bring all the materials with a sketch of my “vision”.

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sock project brainstorming

I am trying a new work-flow process this year where I plan things out before buying materials and cutting up stuff.

This project is for my 5K new year run to welcome the Year of the Dragon. I thought maybe spiked socks would be fun to wear during the race. (There is a costume contest, but I doubt this will win me anything.)

I am running into problems already – I can’t find red knee-high socks!  I am thinking I may have to resort to getting a pair of red tights.

The other issue is figuring out how to attach the spikes to the socks/tights. Due to the stretchy nature of socks/tights, I think I might have to attach the spikes while I am wearing the socks/tights. I don’t know how to sew well. (Or at all.) I was thinking maybe if I attach the spikes to a strip of ribbon, I can attach the ribbon along the back of my calf using safety pins on race day.

So yeah…

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resolutions, 2012 version

Here’s the plan for next year as far as the blog is concerned:

  1. Better photography – I need to stop using my cellphone as a camera for blog posts. I have a shameful reason why I haven’t been using a good camera to document my projects – I can’t find my battery charger.
  2. More sharing – I feel bad that I never post the Christmas tree template. =(
  3. Regular posts – I’ve tried to post every other day, but I think maybe a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule will work out better.
  4. Tutorials – I’m going try my hand at explaining things in detailed steps, instead of just mentioning general steps.

My non-blog-related resolutions:

  1. Lose weight – I know, so original! But the weight has creeped up on me, and I just don’t feel good about myself anymore. I was surprised to receive a text message this morning from the bf saying “You are not a fatty” – apparently, I had texted him about how I was a fatty. I do not recall sending this text, but it was in my sent box. My subconscious is now texting people about what a fatty I am.
  2. Run more – This is how I plan to accomplish the above. I have signed up for a 5K in February, a 10K in April. And I will be signing up for a half-marathon in August/September.
  3. Be less bi-polar – Not to knock on people with serious diagnosed mental conditions, but I really need to get a hold of my temper/emotions. My annoyance about things apparently reads as “super pissed off” to most people.
  4. Be less wedding-crazy – Two friends got engaged over the holidays. We all know about bridezilla, but have you heard about friendzilla? That’s me – the friend who gets too involved in the wedding details. I need to back off. Oh also, I need to stop dropping hints about the bf putting a ring on it, because who needs to get nagged into proposing?
  5. Stop leaving the house looking like s**t – I’ve been rationalizing this behavior by keeping some make-up in the car. But really, there is no excuse. Also, I will curl my lashes daily and pluck my eyebrows more than every two weeks.

I’m really not an overweight slob with poor hygiene even though I totally just made myself look like one.

Ciao dear reader/s. See you in the new year!

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deconstructed star

I received one of the red stars that Starbucks used to decorated their stores for the holidays. I am pretty confident I can take it apart and figure out how to remake it with paper.

I have a whole year to get this done, so it’s going to happen for sure.

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These mini-suitcases are presents for a trio of sisters. I thought it would  be fun to echo the triple factor in the ribbons. I feel almost splurge-y for using three different kinds of ribbon for each item, but not really because I only paid $1 for six yards of satin ribbon and $1 for nine yards of sheer ribbon. (I drop by the dollar store periodically to check out the ribbon selection.)

The layered ribbon look makes things look pretty festive, don’t you think?  I like to tie bows on presents that don’t need to be wrapped.

Pro: easy, no tape needed

Con: you need to be a ribbon hoarder collector

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